About us

Bei Ying Lao Li film team(L.L.Film) was founded in 2015, it is a professional film and television production team led by veteran film and television directors. It specializes in the production of films, TV series, micro films, TV news, documentaries, feature films and commercials. It also provides pre-stage multi-channel audio, video material recording, live transmission switching, live sound reinforcement, sound effects, post-sound, video editing, special effects and 3D computer animation for all kinds of theatrical performances, celebrations, cultural exchanges and other activities. Production, synthesis, and other professional services.

Key personnel

  • 李建国Jianguo Li(pseudonym: Bei Ying Lao Li)
    He is a senior filmmaker in China Film Group. He started to work in this field since 1969 and had been working in Beijing Film Studio, the Chinese children's film studio, Beijing Film Academy Youth Film Studio, China Film Group Art Creation Center as a film producer, director, and photographer. He has worked more than dozens of movies, TV series, feature documentaries, urban image and hundreds of video commercials. The films, television dramas won the Chinese film Golden Rooster Award, the public film Hundred Flowers Award, the Chinese film Huabiao Award, China Television Golden Eagle Award and participated the World Film Festival. The children's feature film "My September" made in 1989 won the Best Cinematography Award.
  • 江波Bo Jiang
    He served more than 10 years at CCTV News Center in China as a planner, photographer, writer, author and director. He was general director of the large-scale documentary film "Do not Forget the Victory" (10 episodes) to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the victory of the war to resist us aggression and aid Korea. Many the works were awarded and published and "Scarlet Forest" has created a CCTV viewing miracle.
  • 葛文博Wenbo Ge
    He was the sales manager at Huacheng Film & TV Digital Program Co., Ltd. He holds bachelor degree of photography from Dalian Polytechnic University, the master degree of culture and media from Université de Picardie Jules-Verne and specializes in post-production and teaching.
  • 赵鹏博Pengbo Zhao
    He was photographer at CCTV in China and participated in the film "Skynet", "Confessions", "Win in China" and the large-scale documentary "Chinese story" shooting. He served as the clip assistant for movies "Du Lala promotion" and "border".